Sentera DJI Mavic 2 Single NDVI/NDRE Upgrade (NDVI/NDRE) [Aonic Poladrone]
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Product SKU SEN-UG01.00006
Brand Sentera
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The Sentera High Precision NDVI and High Precision NDRE Single Sensors utilize patent-pending technology to improve spectral band separation and generate more accurate vegetation index measurements.


Available in two variants, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) or normalized difference vegetation red edge (NDRE) data, the Sentera High Precision Single Sensor filters effectively reject out-of-band leakage before it can contaminate the measurement and lead to index errors. These advanced sensors make it easier for users to integrate satellite-based index data with drone-based index data. Utilizing high precision filters, you are provided with invaluable NDVI or NDRE information about crop health, maturity, and vigor.


The Sentera High Precision NDVI and NDRE Single Sensors can be integrated on multiple existing, in-service or new drone platforms. Some of our most popular commercial installations include the DJI Phantom™ 4 and Mavic™ platforms.




• Effectively collects only the precise bands needed for accurate NDVI and NDRE measurements

• Easily integrates into virtually any drone platform including the DJI Phantom™ 4 and Mavic™

• Low-distortion optics + global shutter technology ensure crisp, clear crop imagery

• Helps customize application of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides base on data-drive information

• Leverage plant health data using FieldAgent™ web, mobile, and desktop software


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